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I came to Udaipur from Rajasthan with my father, who came here to run a textile company. Udaipur is the busiest city and largest retail market in India, my father chose it as his place of business. Me and my sisters are three. I am the oldest daughter in the family.

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After completing my 10 + 2, I entered a prestigious management organization called ISWBM located in central Udaipur. Although my father was a rich man, he did not give me enough money to spend on necessary things. He spent money on my education and dressing, but didn't give enough money to have some good food in a famous restaurant. He usually just gives me my travel expenses. Although I really wanted to watch a movie with my friends and classmates, I couldn't go to the theater unless one of my friends ever sponsored me. It's a very reputable issue for me. Hence, I was looking for ways to make money. In fact, the situation forced me to become one of the much-loved udaipur escorts.

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